Fraud (theft)

Receiving a conviction for an offence of fraud, even if you have not been in trouble before could result in a prison sentence and the loss of your job. Therefore it is imperative that you get the best representation from the outset.

We have successfully represented individuals and businesses who have come under investigation or been charged by the police, department of work and pensions and customs and excise in white-collar criminal matters for more than 20 years.

More so than in any other area of criminal defence, the hiring of a skilled criminal defence lawyer at the very earliest stages of a white-collar criminal case, may make all the difference in the world in shaping the scope and direction of an investigation for the client.

If you believe that you:

  • Are the subject or target of an investigation by the police or the department of work and pensions or customs and excise;
  • Have been accused by your employer or professional body of wrong doing

Before you speak to them make sure that you call us first.

So why not give us a call before you step into a hornet’s nest.

In many cases, when we have been retained during the initial phase of an investigation, my our clients have been able to avoid even being charged or have only been charged for more serious offences.

Our experience

The list below is some of the offences that we have represented clients for:

  • Theft from employer
  • Benefit fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Trademark offences
  • Criminal impersonation
  • Perjury
  • Perverting the course of justice
  • Forgery offences
  • Accounting fraud

We represent clients at the police station or job centre and try to avoid charges being brought. However if charges are brought we will work tirelessly to prepare a vigorous defence. If the matter cannot be resolved in a favourable manner, we will prepare the case for trial.
White-collar crime typically refers to an offense that does not involve the use or threat of force for its commission. Most commonly, it is a term used to describe crimes allegedly committed by businesspeople, professionals or corporate employees which involve theft, fraud or other means to illegally obtain money or property.   Frequently, these matters are complex and the investigations that precede charges may take more than a year.

Recently we’ve represented:

  • Andrew represented the “business front man” on an £8.2 million mortgage fraud committed by a small group including dishonest solicitors and estate agents. Surprisingly low prison sentence resulted (2.5 years)
  • Michael represented Ms A, who faced an allegation of benefit fraud amounting to tens of thousands of pounds. She had attended the police station interview by herself and made a number of admissions in interview, however she was adamant that she was not guilty of the offence. Michael represented her before Reading Crown Court, and despite her admissions interview the prosecutor eventually dropped the case.
  • R v G. The defendant was accused of stealing over £600 000 from her employer. The case was a complicated matter involving concurrent proceedings before the High Court. The client received a relatively lenient sentence and the proceeds of crime proceedings were dropped by the CPS as there were successful negotiations with the loser. Read media coverage…