Andrew Storch

“Mr Andrew Storch has done an excellent job on my drink driving case. He’s managed to save my driving license and thus I’m very grateful. He’s very professional and very thorough, he’s handled my case very well with minimum fuss. Follows up on every detail of the case afterwards and keeps you informed. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone. Many thanks again. A true warrior.”

“Hi Andrew,
Thank you for taking on K’s case and for taking the time to listen to him and put forward a great defender (if that’s the right word).
He is very pleased with the outcome but appreciates he needs to learn from the experience. You were very clear with him and engaged well with him – you didn’t need to but it made the world of difference to him.
Thank you again, M.A.”

You or someone you care about is in the worst place right now. What are the possible outcomes? How long will it all take? What are the steps? What to say and what not to say? What will it cost?
There are hundreds of questions that need answers. I was in this place in 2015. Arrested and provided a non-specialist duty solicitor – leaving many questions unanswered.
Then I found Andrew, who is a specialist. He is an expert in what he does. He told it straight about the possible outcomes and how likely each was. He advised exactly what to do to arrive at the best of those possible outcome. He was there every step of the way.
His documentation at each stage was comprehensive and very helpful. His fees were reasonable and with his fixed price approach, I always knew the costs and could plan.
It was a huge comfort to have his expertise and energy on my side and I endorse him without reserve.”
IM (Indecent Images)

“Thank you once again for your representation in court today. I could not have asked for a better case to be put forward in my defence by yourself. I was prepared for a far worse outcome than that which I received and I can only put that down to how you represented me and presented the case to the prosecution and magistrates. It would appear that with your help and the references I had, that the magistrates were as lenient as they could have been, and were in fact more so than either of us could have imagined they would have been. Although considerably lighter of pocket and unable to drive for a year, it feels like I have had a bit of a result by comparison to what I thought was coming my way… Thank you sincerely once again, if anyone ever mentions to me they need a solicitor your name will be mentioned in the highest regard and recommendation.”
JK (excess alcohol)

“I received your cheque this morning. Thank you does not say nearly enough. It is hard to describe the feelings of relief and gratitude that we felt at the outcome of the trial. Your defence of J was outstanding. And if that was not enough you have been able to recover our costs. We are truly grateful for all you have done for us.”
MK (possession CS gas) 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for representing me and winning the appeal on Friday.
Your professionalism, diligence, efficiency and attention to detail throughout the preparations for my defence were outstanding. You have restored my good name and unblemished character.  As soon as I met you last October you inspired me with the confidence and strength I needed to proceed with the appeal. You also gave me the confidence to believe I would be successful in proving my innocence. You are truly a wonderful advocate and I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone. I really appreciate all your hard work and patience throughout the last four months. Your pleasant, courteous, approachable and knowledgeable manner really helped decrease my anxiety and stress levels. Thank you”
DF (common assault) 

Michael Phillips

“Amazing service with Michael achieving the result we wanted. Nothing but positive comments for Andrew Storch Solicitors.”

“With enough category A images to pass the incarceration threshold, Michael advised that it was a case of demonstrating a determination to reform my offending behaviour to allow the judge to feel confident enough to suspend any jail term. Michael outlined what needed to be done to best demonstrate to the court that I was legitimately full of remorse for my actions and had already taken steps to start the long process of rehabilitation which the court could augment as it saw fit. With Michaels help, I left the court by the preferred exit, and will be making recompense to society, from outside prison, as well as receiving much needed professional help to reform my ways.”
Indecent Images

“Your representation was extremely professional and thorough. Your valued advice was received gratefully, I was glad you were on “my side”. Thank you so much for all your efforts.”
Mr P R. Allegation of false accounting.

“From the outset you have treated me with great respect and incredible patience and I will be extremely grateful. On behalf of myself and my family we will never forget your kindness and diligence”
Ms AB. Allegation of kidnap.

“Thank you. When it came to the crunch you were amazing.”
Ms GF. Allegation of drink drive.

Bruno Haine

“hi Bruno, You’ll be glad to hear I’ve sorted myself out. No drugs, crime just look-in after my boy. Thanks to Andrew getting me a drro up north instead of jail again that was nearly 4 year ago. I can’t believe some of the things I used to do I wouldn’t dare now, its funny how u suddenly realise what’s really important. I’m hoping to go back to work soon now Charlie is 14 mth old. I’ve got a lovely 2 bedroomed home which I spent a bomb furnishing n decorating I even got to 15 stone when I was preggers now I’m just a normal size 10 not a skinny rat like before. How r u doin got any goss? Tell Andrew Storch how much I thank him, if it wasn’t for him i would still be homeless living in cars and in n out of jail. Hope u have a fab crimbo” luv laura x