Heather Howe


Obtained a LLB honours degree in 2005 and has a vast experience in criminal law.

Works Reading, Oxford, Birmingham, London.

Specialist areas conspiracy, murder High value drug offences, fraud. Experienced with undercover police operations, Cellsite. Forensics. With a portfolio of experts tried and tested in the Crown Courts. Working with the best UK barristers sometimes with amazing results.

Cases involve

  • Conspiracy re multiple importations of class A and B drugs (tonnes) via plane and ship. 14 Million plus and involved fake companies set up to import consignments. Albanian/UK defendants. Judge said “It is difficult to imagine there can be a much larger scale or organised Class A drug supplying than the one before the Court today. Each indictment reflects trading in multiples of hundreds of kilograms of high purity class A drugs… Money transfers of tens of millions of pounds have been identified. The street value of the drugs involved in the first and second indictment only was each in excess of £100 million.
  • Murder of police officer – high profile case at Central Criminal Court.
  • Murder of child aged 14 – high profile case in Thames Valley.
  • Also represented several celebrities and several police officers.

My playground is the Crown Court but the police station is where it all starts that is the most important of all.

Work is my life however I have some hobbies I own an Anglo arab ex racing horse who believes he is still racing. Previously bred and owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, United Arab Emirates. Ski every winter. You can never stop learning – starting flying lessons this year!