Alcohol Licensing

We have experience in representing individuals, small to medium sized companies and members of the public in Alcohol licensing matters (including Entertainment Venue cases).

We will take your case seriously and ensure you are well prepared for the hearing. If they are opposed to your application, the Local Authority will instruct experienced lawyers to oppose application or appeal. So you need someone prepared to fight your corner.

We can help you in the following matters:

  • Initial Alcohol licence Applications to the Council.
  • Interviews by the council or the police.
  • Representation before the Council Licensing Committee.
  • Appeals to the Magistrates Court.
  • Judicial Reviews from the Magistrates Court to the High Court.

The Alcohol Licensing Process

In order to obtain an alcohol licence from the Local Authority, an extensive form must be completed and the appropriate notices must be placed. Very often there will be objections from local residents/police etc. If this happens, then the application is likely to be placed before the Licensing Committee of the Council. The Licensing Committee decides whether to issue a licence and whether to attach conditions.

Our Experience in Alcohol Licensing

BCS v Reading Borough Council 2016: The store was found to be selling bootlegged alcohol on two occasions. Because of the shop’s alleged previous breaches of their licence, the Council officers applied to revoke the client’s licence. The clients argued that they had been duped by an experienced criminal into selling the alcohol which they believed was genuine. The clients lost before the Licensing Committee (representation from another firm), so the clients appealed to the Magistrates Court. The Council strongly contested the appeal, however the clients won their appeal at Court.