Drink Driving – Pleading Guilty

Should you wish to plead guilty to drink driving, this is something that you should have expert assistance with. The magistrates have a wide variety of sentencing powers to punish you with, and it is important you and your case are well presented in order to make sure you receive the lowest possible sentence.

Our Berkshire-based solicitors are ready to help you, so call us now!

We will advise you on everything that matters, for example;

  • character references, how many and what their content should be.
  • other supporting evidence, for example a letter from an organisation to show you are getting support for your any problems that led to the conviction and/or a letter from your employer.

Our Experience in Drink Driving

Recent cases include:

  • R v Ward – the client had been caught drink driving whilst being four times over the drink drive limit and had crashed his car. He faced a three year ban and prison sentence. However strong mitigation was put forward and he received a 15 month ban (with the opportunity to further reduce this by attending the drink drive course), 100 hours community sentence and a financial penalty (£145).