Drink Driving – Early Return of Driving Licence

If you have been disqualified for drink driving for a lengthy period it is possible to ask the court to lift the disqualification and return your licence early. The law allows this if:

  • If the disqualification is for less than four years, then after two years has to have passed
  • If the ban was between four and ten years, then after one half of the period of disqualification
  • After five years in any other case

The court will look at the character of yourself and consider your conduct since the disqualification was imposed. Courts will also look into the circumstances of the offence that led to the disqualification in determining the outcome of such an application.

However, you will need our expert help to

Our Experience

Recent cases:

  • David G (2014) – The client was convicted of two drink driving offences within two years of each other. That said, he had had many problems because of the financial crisis and a difficult personal relationship. He received a 3 year ban from the court in 2012. He applied in 2014 for the early return of his licence.
    We applied for a reduction in the ban he faced and the court agreed to returning his licence 40 weeks early. This was principally because of the changes he had made to life and strong mitigation surrounding the original offences. However, the evidence had to be carefully presented in order to gain the ear of the court.