Drugs offences

We regularly appear before the crown court for allegations of simple possession and possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs. You might be charged with simple possession which could result in a simple fine or possession with intent to supply which could result in a substantial prison sentence, potentially even harsher than a murder charge.

By and large, the severity of the charges will depend on three factors: the type of drugs involved, the amount or quantity of the drugs involved, and whether or not there is evidence that the drugs were to be sold to another person.

Drug charges in typically involve situations in which the police claim to have found a person in possession of drugs in their clothing, in a car, or in an apartment or house.  Or the police claim to have observed a person selling drugs to another person, or claim to have purchased drugs from a person while acting in an undercover capacity.

Our Experience

We have experience in representing people for the following offences:

  • Possession with intent to supply class A drugs (usually heroin or cocaine)
  • Possession with intent to supply class B drugs (usually marijuana)
  • Simple possession of wither class A, B or C drugs.
  • Conspiracy to supply drugs.
  • Cultivation of cannabis
  • Money laundering offences related to the above matters.

We have been involved in the following recent cases of note:

  • R v Collins: Andrew represented Mr Collins who pleaded guilty to an offence of being knowingly concerned in the supply of class A drugs. Prison being nearly always certain in such cases, Andrew’s client was rather surprised having been given a non-custodial sentence. Read media coverage…
  • R v A: Michael represented a client who was accused of possession with intent to supply cannabis. Michael obtained medical reports to substantiate his client’s assertion that he took cannabis for medical reasons. He also obtained an accountant’s report to substantiate his client’s instructions that he had legitimate means to have the cash that was found. In the end the criminal charges were dropped and the client’s money was returned.