Sexual Offences

Without a doubt, sex crime charges are some of the most difficult and challenging to defend because of the nature of the allegations, the potential punishment involved, and the damage to one’s reputation caused by the announcement of sexual offence charges. We welcome the toughest cases, no matter how bad it looks.

Below are a sampling of cases in recent years which we’ve successfully represented individuals under investigation for, or charged with a variety of sexual offences:

    • Rape
    • Rape of a minor (statutory rape)
    • Sexual Assault
    • Sexual assault on a minor
    • Indecent assault
    • Committing a sexual act in front of a minor
    • Possession of indecent images.
    • Voyeurism
    • Sexual exposure

In sex offence cases, there are a number of defences and other critical issues that tend to come up regularly.  Only a solicitor experienced in sexual offence cases, one who has fought courtroom battles using these defences and contended with these issues, can effectively wade through all these issues.

Recent cases:

  • Michael recently represented a military services professional accused of a historic sex crime. The client narrowly escaped prison through good preparation of his defence.
  • R v Smith: the client was found to be in possession of a large quantity of child pornography. Michael made representations to the police and the police agreed to give the client a simple caution for this matter.
  • Andrew represented 3 brothers accused of 1970s historic rape of their niece who at the time they thought was their sister: 2 week trial resulted in acquittal for all three brothers.
  • Taking over from another local firm who had made serious errors in preparation for a trial of sexual assault by a co-worker in a care home, Andrew conducted the defence leading to an acquittal on both counts.
  • R v B:  the client had been represented by another firm of solicitors at trial and been convicted of a number of serious charges against 2 child witnesses. Michael along with leading Counsel, James Scobie QC appealed the conviction to the Court of Appeal and the convictions were all quashed as they were deemed unsafe on appeal. The client now awaits a re-trial.