Taxi Licence Revocation Appeals

We have long standing expertise in defending taxi drivers and operators nationally. Whether your taxi licence has been revoked, refused or suspended we are able to assist.

We will take your case seriously and ensure you are well prepared for the hearing. Remember, the Local Authority will instruct experienced lawyers to oppose against your taxi licence appeal. So you need someone experienced to represent you.

We have helped Hackney Carriage taxi licence holders, Private Hire driver licence holders, Operator or Fleet Operator licence holders.

We can help you in the following matters:

  • All taxi licensing appeals
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Driving offences
  • Restriction and Bans

We can appeal to the Local Licensing Authority on your behalf, and represent you at appeal before the magistrates court and if needs be the crown court.

Taxi Licence Appeals

Should you wish to appeal the revocation of your licence or an allegation the council have found you guilty of (for example plying for hire) we would do the following:

  • Lodge the summons to commence the appeal.
  • Meet with you in person in order to prepare for the hearing, which would include going over trial strategy, and issues that are likely to be raised in your cross-examination.
  • Obtain the evidence that you need in order to win your case, this might include good character evidence, freedom of information requests to prove the council have a ‘grudge’ against you, other witness statements etc.
  • Finally, representation at the trial.

Please note that legal aid is not available for these matters.

Our Experience

  • Bruere v Northampton County council: the client had his taxi licence revoked for a number of allegedly very serious incidents. After a 2 day trial at the magistrates court, which was fully and strongly contested by the council, the court overturned the revocation and imposed a short suspension instead. In addition the court didn’t award costs against the client (as they normally do).
  • Ali v West Berks Council: Michael represented a client who faced an allegation that he plying for hire. Michael made a representations to the council that they had failed to disclose documentation. Having considered the representations, the council dropped the case.

Kelsey Thompson is a senior criminal case handler and initial contact/ admin assistant for all DVLA and licencing matters. Please email to raise a new enquiry..