Driving Offences

Our advice is when going to Court, never go unrepresented just to “get the matter over with”. Very often, the accumulation of penalty points can lead to the loss of your driving licence. For example “driving without due care and attention” carries up to 9 points, a disqualification and a fine of up to £2500.

Most people plead guilty to road traffic offences, so often the police do not prepare their files well.  Our lawyers can provide comprehensive advice so that you do not plead guilty to something the police cannot prove.

We are able to cover all stages of proceedings, from first hearing to appeal to the highest courts. We pride ourselves on honest advice and robust defence advocacy. If there are poor prospects of success, we will tell you as much; and do the best job to mitigate your sentence, hopefully avoiding disqualification. In any event we will fight your case all the way.

We have many years of experience in representing clients for offences of speeding, drink driving (including failing to provide), careless driving, dangerous driving, and death by careless driving.

If expert advice is needed, we have a number of able and experienced experts who we regularly call upon to assist us, who will be able to provide a report in your case.

Our Experience

  • Michael recently represented Ms D who faced an allegation of driving with excess alcohol. Michael put forward special reasons on her behalf (she only drove a short distance). The magistrates agreed that there were special reasons so she kept her licence, despite the fact as a result of this offence she had over 12 points on her licence.
  • Michael represented Mr Rafique a taxi driver accused of causing the death of a university researcher by careless driving. He was cleared by the jury. Read media coverage…

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