Andrew Storch

Andrew has lived in Reading since 1968 and went to school in Reading. He went to Cambridge University gaining a BA in law which is now converted to an MA and did his Law Society Finals at Guildford College of Law.

Andrew trained as a solicitor (previously called articles) in 1989 with Sarjeant and Sheppard, a general law private practice firm in Reading’s Friar Street. Andrew qualified in 1991 and soon found himself specialising in criminal and civil litigation. In 1996 he set up his own practice. He now only does Criminal Law.

In 2004 Andrew qualified as a Higher Court Advocate which means that he has the same practice rights as a Barrister. This means he can assist you from the police station right through to the Crown Court or Court of Appeal.

Andrew is an experienced trial advocate who regularly represents clients at the Crown and Magistrates Court. He has been involved in the full gamut of criminal law, from fighting parking tickets (one loss and an estimated 30 wins), through all other motoring offences, to rapes (about 40 cases, only one lost to date), and multiple murder (none has – yet – resulted in a murder conviction). He regularly appears in the court of appeal.